Hello from Wyoming! We’ve successfully made the trek from Colorado over to Jackson Hole and are absolutely pumped to be skiing at one of the rowdiest and most progressive freeskiing and snowboarding resorts in North America.

But first, here are five reasons why we’re so stoked to be skiing at Jackson Hole…

#1 Corbet’s Couloir

Corbet’s Couloir is described by some as being one of the most legendary chutes in North America. When we look at the steep drop at Corbet’s Couloir, we kind of lose our breath. As a skier, it’s one of those situations where you’re not sure if you should go full force and send it or turn around and retreat.

We plan on riding the tram overhead on our way to the top. This way, our crew can (safely) catch a glimpse of the skiers and riders dropping in below and scope out the terrain. Just take a look at how intimidating this drop is…

#2 Powder for days

Jackson Hole has had a ton of snow this season and February has brought along quite the conditions. Snow continues to fall and they’ve been able to land a whopping 359” of snow this season. For us, conditions like this make our Family Ski Days just that much better. We hope that Jackson Hole shows us what “waist deep” is all about!

#3 Teton Gravity Research in Jackson Hole

Founded in 1996, Teton Gravity Research (TGR) is an extreme sports media company located in Jackson Hole. TGR is the brainchild of four friends who pulled the money they earned from ski guiding and commercial fishing together to buy camera equipment and film their friends skiing.

Teton Gravity Research and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort have had a long-standing relationship focused on drawing attention to the natural landscape that serves as a skiing haven found right here in our backyard.”

They’ve produced countless outdoor-inspired commercials and over 30+ award-winning action sports films. All of which effortlessly highlight Jackson Hole as being the ultimate paradise for all types of snowsports. It goes to show how, sometimes, taking a leap of faith, working hard, and staying focused on your dream can pay off big.

#4 Skiing with 12-year-old skiing legend, Kai Jones

Alright, so we don’t have a ski date set in place with Kai Jones. And to be honest, we might not be able to keep up with the little guy! But when we learned more about his story, we couldn’t help but be inspired.

Kai’s father is Teton Gravity Research co-founder, Todd Jones, who got him on skis at just 18-months old. Their shared love for skiing grew from filming on GoPro cameras and smartphones to big time camera gear just last year. Todd realized his son was keeping up alongside his uncle and professional snowboarder, Jeremy Jones, and putting down big at some of the most intimidating lines at Jackson Hole. Kai is now the youngest skier to be featured in a Teton Gravity Research film, debuting in a 2018 film they collaborated on with REI, Far Out.

We love the bond that Kai and his father are able to have through their shared experiences while skiing. Kai’s future in the snowsports world is bright, and The Big Ski Family will be cheering him on from the sidelines as his talents and strengths continue to evolve.

So Kai, if you see this and will be skiing Jackson Hole on February 18th, reach out to us on Instagram and let’s meet up!

#5 Their love for ski patrol

And last but not least, we loved this parting message we saw on a Jackson Hole blog post:

“As a parting reminder, please remember that when Mother Nature (God) does grace us with this type of precipitation, Jackson Hole Ski Patrol and operations put it all on the line for us. So next time, after skiing or riding your best lines of the year, make sure to say ‘thanks’ to the liftie bumping your chair or to those wearing the JHSP garb, because without them, none of this is possible. Stay safe on the hill and enjoy the fresh!”

You know that our crew will be stopping in, saying “thanks”, and sharing some of our ski patrol stickers with the team up at Jackson Hole!

Join The Big Ski Family at Jackson Hole!

If you’ll be at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort on Monday, February 18th, you’ve got an open invitation to come join us for yet another Family Ski Day!

RSVP here and stay tuned with our Instagram Stories for specific meetup locations throughout the day at Jackson Hole.

Bummed because you can’t make this Family Ski Day? No problem! Scope out the rest of our Season #1 Winter Tour resort locations and come see what skiing together as a family is all about.

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