Located smack dab in Little Cottonwood Canyon, just 30 minutes from Salt Lake City International Airport, Alta Ski Resort has long been recognized for its rich history of deep powder. According to Alta, visitors “come for the skiing and then stay for the skiing.” In our case, we hope you’ll come for the Family Ski Day and stay for the fun!

My first taste of  “#AltaMagic” happened in the winter of 1989 as a 20-year-old Ski Patroller from Southern California. 28 years later, my legs still burn, adrenaline cruises through my veins, and my heart beats almost out of my chest remembering the rocky crags and chutes that make Alta a true skiers dream.

It’s been on my bucket list for many years to bring my mighty band of children to experience firsthand all of the wonders that Alta has to offer.

Alta is unique in so many ways but one of the most notorious is that if you’re thinking of showing up with your snowboard in hand, you might want to think again: Alta prohibits the use of other types of winter recreation outside of skiing. In fact, it’s one of three areas in the United States that doesn’t allow snowboarding. Yes, friends, this is a“skiers only mountain.”

“There is a spirit to Alta. Perhaps it is because generations of skiers have been able to pass on their love for the mountain.”

Our first two stops on the Season #1 Winter Tour at Brighton and Snowbird were nothing short of fantastic! If you see us in our neon onesies charging some run, rat packing and having way too much fun, please stop us and say hi! That makes our day even more fun! We’d love to meet you, grab a quick photo with you, and take a lift ride and run together.  

We’re trying out something new this Family Ski Day…

During the day, we’re going to play a game of “Catch The Big Ski Family” where we’ll be giving away a ton of prizes! From the moment we arrive at Alta, we want you to follow our Instagram stories, chase us down, and catch us. If you can locate and catch us (as in getting close enough to read our names on our right shoulders), we’ll give you a prize:

  • A free cup of hot chocolate at a local Utah ski resort.
  • Cool stickers and decals from your favorite brands.

But here’s the best part: the first person to track us down and know all of the kids’ names in order without reading the names on our day glo onesies will receive $20 cash.

Ready to join us for this Family Ski Day? RSVP for the Alta Ski Area Family Ski Day now, buy a lift ticket directly from the resort (or grab your Ikon Pass), stay tuned to our Instagram for clues on where we’re at, and get ready to rip!

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